Cartoons By Mervyn Edwards

Examples of Mervyn Edwards' cartoons are displayed below.

Mervyn undertakes commissions for book publishers, newspapers
and periodicals. Please contact for terms.

Mervyn Edwards owns the copyright on all cartoons displayed below.

Wrights Pies Toothless

Radio Stoke Hay Fever

Clever Dick

Romance in the Potteries

Stokie in the Bathroom

Potteries Rivalry

Stokie Students

Posh Food

Common as Muck

Stokies at Home

New Year More Beer

Christmas Corpulence

Breakfast Offer

Stokies at Breakfast

Obesity Timebomb

Hanley Superloo

Stokie Ducks

Oatcakes at Sea

EU Referendum

EU Debate

Potteries Marathon

Stokie Slang

Haunted Pub

Middleport History

Stokie Literacy

Culture in Hanley

Jobless Stokie

Christmas in Fenton

Stokie at the Bank

CAMRA Pub Crawl

Christmas Joy

Oatcakes at Christmas

Stokie Aggro

Brown Sauce

Stokie Diet

Gladstone Thrower

Grass Verges

D Road Delays

Wrights Pies Forever

Port Vale Fans

Wrights Pies Burglary

Gladstone Cheeky Boys

Stoke Pensioners Day Trip

Gladstone Biscuits

Potteries Obesity

Stokie Holiday

Wetherspoons and Wobbly

Radio Stoke Praise and Grumble

Oatcakes Hole in the Wall

Real Ale in the Potteries

Wrights Pie Special

Pubs & Service

Gladstone Open Day

Dunner Want Work

Gladstone Glossary

Oatcakes and Sex

Potteries Roads

Wrights Pies at Home

Stoke City, Peter Crouch

Stoke City, Charlie Adam

Wrights Pie Contest

Voter Apathy in Stoke


A Potteries Tragedy

Violence At Work

Hanley Bars

Christmas Fun

Bar Prices

Stoke City

Killer Mile


Wrights Pies

Voter Apathy

Social Networking

Petrol Station

Stoke City fans